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Public speaking is something that can strike fear into the heart of many. The thought of standing up in front of large groups of people and speaking is the stuff of nightmares for a large proportion of the population. Yet it is something that many people are required to do as part of life, either at college, for business or at social occasions such as weddings. For those of you who tremble at the thought of public speaking, don't worry; we have a wide range of affordable public speaking textbooks to help you get over your fears. The books contain great tips on how to calm your nerves and how to prepare so that you feel confident when you stand up in front of a crowd. Before you know it you'll be offering to be the person who makes big announcements and thriving on the buzz it gives you. Once you have finished with your public speaking textbooks we will buy them back from you.

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Natural Speaker by Fujishin, Randy ISBN: 9781138436510
Essential Elements of Public Speaking, Books a la Carte Edition by DeVito, Joseph A. ISBN: 9780205980581 List Price: $68.00
Speak Easy : The essential guide to speaking in Public by Eyre, Maggie ISBN: 9780908988587
Speak Easy : The Essential Guide to Speaking in Public by Eyre, Maggie ISBN: 9781458764584 List Price: $24.99
Forms of Public Address - Robert G. King - Paperback by King, Robert G. ISBN: 9780672610776
Speaking with a Purpose - Arthur L. Koch - Paperback by Koch, Arthur L. ISBN: 9780138258788 List Price: $14.00
Public Speaking Teacher Edition Subscription by Taylor, Lacy, Matthews, Dou... ISBN: 9781931680561
Now That You're Here, What Do You Say? by Price, Planaria J. ISBN: 9780394353937 List Price: $8.50
SpeechStudio 2. 0 by SpeechStudio ISBN: 9781133175131
Public Speaking for Critical Minds and Critical Voices by SIDELINGER, Robert, MERCADO... ISBN: 9781524973988 List Price: $86.00
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